Father’s Day at Kerstin’s Chocolates: Bacon, Truffles and more.

What do Dad’s love more than great chocolate? Great bacon! So we decided to make the ultimate treat for
Dad: chocolate covered bacon!

We partnered with a local organic farm called Sunshine Organic Farm, located in Warburg, near Leduc, to create an Albertan treat that will be unforgettable. The Horvath family have been raising organic Berkshire pork for many years, and we are proud to use their delicious bacon in our Father’s Day special.

We cook the bacon to make it crispy, and then dip it in single origin dark chocolate or milk chocolate and finally sprinkle it with cocoa nibs. The result is a wonderful crunchy, salty contrast between bacon and chocolate.

This special feature will only be available in limited quantities at The Cocoa Room from Wednesday June 17th until Saturday June 20th. There will also be free samples available on Saturday, June 20th at the Sunshine Organic Farm booth at the Downtown farmer’s market (near the corner of 104th St. and 102nd Ave.)

What else do we have, you may ask?
If chocolate covered bacon is not for you, then why not try our “triple”, sure to score points with Dad. Three of Dad’s favorite beverages inspired us to create these unique confections:

1) The Mojito: White chocolate with a rum, lime and mint infused ganache.
2) The Irish Coffee: Milk chocolate and an Irish whiskey ganache
3) The Brandy Alexander: Dark Chocolate with brandy and creme de cacao ganache.

These confections come packaged in a beautiful 9-truffle box that dad will love ($25.00). We will also have non-alcoholic truffles available just in case!