Cacao fruit leather!

I made fruit leather from cacao pulp. It’s very easy and one of the best applications for cacao pulp that I’ve discovered yet. It doesn’t need much processing and it keeps in the heat, on a shelf, for many months.
Very simply I just pureed the freshly frozen pulp and put it in the dehydrator. In the past I have put it in the oven at low temp (160 F) and let it dry out over the course of the day or overnight. Sometimes you need to open the door to let out the moisture. After 6 or 8 hours, it’s done.
I like it as is, but you can add other stuff to it. I’ve added cacao nibs and ginger which was nice. It’s quite sweet and tart on its own so no need to add sugar or acid although you can have fun experimenting.

Fresh cacao pulp thawed out and pureed.
Pureed fruit before dehydration.
Dehydrated cacao fruit aka cacao fruit leather!