Chocophilia: Blogged!

Please see the posting on Sharon at Optimistically Cautious, a local Edmonton blogger. She wrote: “The white chocolate lime was such an unusual combination, but worked, melding the richness of the high cocoa butter content with bites of citrus tang. Chocophilia Hot (with cayanne pepper) snuck up on me, needing a few seconds before releasing its heat in the back of my throat.” She also noted that: “I much preferred the Mocha Bean � the crunchy additive of fresh Transcend Coffee-roasted beans was delightful, and of course, the tried and true combination of coffee and chocolate was a winner.”

The first reviews come in!

We were reviewed in VUE magazine today by reporter Jan Hostyn. To quote:

[Kerstin's Chocolates'] Chocophilia gourmet chocolates are small bars with a bit of a twist. I was lucky enough to enjoy a sample at the Italian Centre one day and can see how the Chocophilia Pumpkin Pie - a milk chocolate bar covered with graham cracker bits and flavoured with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon - can become habit-forming.

See the whole article at: VUE Weekly

Review of our chocolates appears in Unlimited Magazine

Natasha Mekhail wrote an article about us in a magazine called “Unlimited”. She wrote:

Beyond dark, regional varieties, Kerstin whips up flavoured bars such as Lemon Dream (a top seller at this year�s Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival), Pumpkin Pie (a winter specialty), Fleur de Sel (the salted chocolate) and Hot Chocolate (the spicy one).

Read the full article here.

Chocophilia bars go on sale today!

After 2 years of development, our new line of chocolates is now ready and available in retail locations around Edmonton. Order from this web site, or go to the following stores to purchase individual Chocophilia Bars and Chocolate Caviar cans.

6421 112th Ave. (Highlands)

Web Site

Call the Kettle Black (Riverbend Location only.)
444 Riverbend Square (off Terwilliger Dr.)
Web Site

Transcend Coffee
9869 62 Ave. (Near Argyll Rd and 99th St.)

(780) 430-9198

Cally’s Teas
8610 99 St.
(780) 432-3294