New Corallo and other ‘warm’ things

At least we had some warm weather over the long weekend, but obviously spring is more elusive than many of us thought. In the mean time, we’ve got some perfect treats to last you until the warm weather re-appears.

We had some fun new Claudio Corallo selections arrive in the Shop this past week. More of the chocolate dipped coffee beans have come in, as well as two new items – chocolate covered ginger and pear infused raisins dipped in chocolate. Also, Corallo’s Seattle store opened in December, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area. You can read an article on their Shop, and all their fun offerings here.

Chai Spiced Walnuts, Chili Lime Cashews, and chocolate dipped lemon peels are also out in the Shop, as well as new Kusmi Tea flavours, including one green tea with rose petals… fresh enough to remind of the warm weather to come, but still soothing enough to sip on a cool, windy, April day.

And of course, if you stop by the Shop, we are always happy to make you a warm cup of drinking chocolate.

Enjoy your weekend, and keep warm!

New products arrive at The Cocoa Room

We have recently brought some new products into the store for you chocolate connoisseurs.

Coppeneur is a German chocolate maker, and we decided to carry their chocolate, because we find their quality to be excellent. Their organic single plantation bars are truly delicious. Also check out the Coppeneur filled bars in flavours such as Walnut & Cognac or Chili & Highland Whisky.

Because so many of you told us that you liked the Claudio Corallo line of chocolates, we stocked up once more. The popular crystallized ginger bars are back, and we have also added a delicious 70% dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. My personal favourite, the 80% with crystallized sugar, is back too.

We continue to carry the PralusLes tropiques du chocolat” line, which features single origin 75% chocolates from all over the world. This time we are testing out the mild and slightly “hazelnutish” Venezuela and the earthy Sao Tome & Principe, which has a slight hint of mushroom. And for the first time we have brought in the Pralus Fortssima with an 80% cocoa content.

Also new are Domori’s Carenero Superior, a very smooth 70% chocolate from the Barlovento region in Venezuela and a 70% super-fruity Madagascar (definitely on my top 3 list now). Finally, for those of you who have been eagerly waiting its arrival, the Domori Porcelana is back.