Chocophilia bars voted one of the top 25 things to eat in Edmonton.

We were very pleased to find out that our Chocophilia bars were voted by an expert panel of local food celebreties as one of the 25 best things to eat in Edmonton. The full list of winners is available here in this article. We appreciate the recognition, and will continue to focus on delivering the highest quality chocolate possible.

The Fleur de Sel bar was listed as their favorite flavor. What is your favorite flavor? Let us know! Comment by clicking on the link below.

Chocophilia Spiced Drinking Chocolate: A truly grown-up drink!

Chocophilia Spiced Drinking Chocolate

Chocophilia Spiced Drinking Chocolate

In this entertaining article in the Edmonton Journal, Liane Faulder had two pre-teens test our four types of hot chocolate. The kids found our drinking chocolate to be a little to spicy, but Liane said that she “loved the Chocophilia, which is best in small doses, like caviar. Thick and slightly bitter, the drink spread a warm tingle through the back of my throat and made me want to sigh with pleasure, and gratitude.

We could not have said it better!

In-depth article by Jan Hostyn about Chocophilia and The Cocoa Room.

Jan Hostyn of Vue Weekly Magazine wrote about our store. She said:

As I nibbled my way through the shop, I was especially impressed with their chocolate caviar and the rich sipping chocolate -- almost like warm, dark, intense, liquid chocolate.


Venture off the beaten path and seek out The Cocoa Room. Immerse yourself in the whole delicious chocolate experience, and watch Roos' eyes light up with enthusiasm as she helps you find your passion. But be warned: once you've had the good stuff, there's no going back.

Local Copy of Article

Chocophilia: Blogged!

Please see the posting on Sharon at Optimistically Cautious, a local Edmonton blogger. She wrote: “The white chocolate lime was such an unusual combination, but worked, melding the richness of the high cocoa butter content with bites of citrus tang. Chocophilia Hot (with cayanne pepper) snuck up on me, needing a few seconds before releasing its heat in the back of my throat.” She also noted that: “I much preferred the Mocha Bean � the crunchy additive of fresh Transcend Coffee-roasted beans was delightful, and of course, the tried and true combination of coffee and chocolate was a winner.”