A chocolate bouquet for Mom.

Yes, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and our Mother’s Day chocolate bouquets are now ready at the shop. The flavors for this year are:

-Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil (in our Dark-Milk Chocolate)
-Milk Chocolate Praline Bark
-Cherry Cocoa Nib (in our Dark Chocolate)

If you haven’t tried our bouquets before, this is the year to get one for Mom!

Mother’s Day News

Are you still looking for a great gift that will show Mom how grateful you are for all of her efforts? Why not give her some very delicious and original chocolates that she will enjoy and appreciate.

Our Mother’s Day Ganache Collection includes five new ganaches that are guaranteed to inspire her senses. Here’s what we are offering:

Stimulate: Thyme and Honey (top photo)

Refresh: Mint and Lemon

Soothe: Thai Basil and Yuzu fruit

Relax : Lavender

Harmonize: Rose and Raspberry (bottom photo)

(The 8 piece box to the right is $12.)

We also have our ever popular Bark Bouquets available for Mother’s Day. These contain 3 sheets (one dark, one milk and one white chocolate) and are great for sharing.
The Mother’s Day Bark Bouquets contain the following 3 flavors:

* Chai Crunch (chai milk chocolate with caramelized rice crispies)
* Vanilla Spice (white chocolate with vanilla beans and pink and green peppercorns)
* Dark and Stormy (Chocolate from Madagascar with praline nuts and apricots)

Finally, we have many assorted gift bags and gift totes (see picture below) that contain a variety of Kerstin’s chocolates as well as a other great chocolates that we sell in the shop.