Digital Easter Egg Hunt!

We are having another Easter Egg Hunt this year! Although last year’s event was a huge success, we have decided to make the 2010 hunt digital! Here’s how you can get some ganaches on us:

Pictures of Kerstin and Angie’s chocolate tour around Paris have recently been posted on our blog. There are four eggs hidden throughout the photos in Kerstin’s posts below on Paris (click on the photos to get a closer look). Each egg has a letter on it, and together make a four letter word… in French.

Come tell us the correct answer at the Shop between March 30th and April 3rd, and you will win a box of Michel Cluizel’s Les Criolles ganache cacao pods (retail value $12; while supplies last).

Good luck, and have fun! See you soon!

Easter Egg Hunt Results

Our thanks go out to everyone who took part in the Easter Egg Hunt. It was not an easy one! There were only so many eggs in the wild, and some people started too late and found that they could not get all the eggs they were looking for. We hope you didn’t get frustrated! To give you an idea of how it worked here is what we did:

We started with 96 eggs of 6 different colors. We mixed them up and distributed them to the 10 locations (All of these locations were our partner retailers who sell our Chocophilia products in their stores. All of them are independent and locally owned!)

Over the course of four days 7 people were able to find 6 different eggs and bring them into the store. Only 3 people came in with 3 eggs.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope you all had fun! We will try to do more of this kind of fun activity in the future. If you have any feedback, just leave a comment by clicking on the comment button below.