Big news: We are going to give back in a big way.

Press Release from Nov 30th, 2010.

Check out our press release about our new profit sharing plan with Change For Children!

Get tickets here for the event on Dec 16th.

Media Release

November 30th, 2010

Kerstin’s Chocolates announces a sharing of its profits with Edmonton-based Change for Children.

Buy local, act global.

Kerstin Roos, Edmonton-based artisan chocolatier and owner of Kerstin’s Chocolates, announced today that, beginning immediately, her company will be donating 10% of its net profits to the Change for Children Association (CFCA).
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2009 Open house and chocolate tasting finals + giving back

Tuesday Dec 22nd will be our annual Christmas Open House at Kerstin’s Chocolates. Come down to the shop between 3pm and 7pm and enjoy a warming cup of hot drinking chocolate with or without extra “cheer”. There might also be some samples of some of our upcoming products to taste. Then at 7pm, stay on to see the final showdown in our “Name That Origin” competition. The winners of the first phase of the contest along with the randomly chosen wildcard entrants will battle to see who can outlast everyone else in a chocolate taste-off. As noted, the winner will receive a $400 gift certificate to use at the shop. No pressure at all! We will have two celebrity officials observing the competition: Edmonton Journal columnist Scott McKeen and the Edible Prairie’s Jennifer Cockrall King. Come one come all and celebrate with us!

One more thing: We want to give back to the developing world a little this year (since that is where cocoa comes from) so we will be sending 20% of sales of Chocophilia Products on Dec 22nd to one of our favorite local charities, Change for Children. Find out more about them on their website.