Patric – we love you

After a few months away, Patric is back in the Shop. The return comes with several new bars, as well as a fun, beautiful packaging makeover…

Patric Chocolate was also recently named one of the “Best New American Chocolates” by Food and Wine magazine.

For all you milk haters out there, he says this one will bring you over to the dark-milk side.

The classic 70% Madagascar with the addition of crunchy cacao nibs. Check out a picture here.

Peanut Butter and “Jelly”… the jelly is the natural fruity notes of the cacao. Seriously – OMG

We also have Patric’s well loved 67% Madagascar (incredibly smooth with bright, citrusy punches), as well as a new 70% blend. So for those of you who were missing Patric, or those of you who are new to this small batch, craft manufacturer, stop by and take a peak… and leave with something wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Patric – we love you

  1. Hello!
    I’ve just been to the shop looking for Patric’s PBJ OMG, and very happy to discover Chocophilia’s own Fleur de Sel (happy to find out that you ship worldwide as well), but couldn’t find it.
    Is it sold on-line?
    And seeing Michel Cluizel’s bars, have you tried his new Lait Éclats Caramel bar?
    I’ve been searching for that one, too.

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