Dipping strawberries this summer?

Making some chocolate dipped strawberries is actually easier than it looks! here are a few tips:1) If you really would like to practice and temper chocolate you definetly can! But it is not necessary as long as you dip the strawberries when they are cold out of the fridge the chocolate will set fine.

2) Do not wash the strawberries but rather wipe them with a damp cloth otherwise the strawberries could get soggy inside your chocolate shell, or if there is any water on the strawberries it could seize the chocolate.

3) To dress up the strawberries a little you can mix chocolates together ie (white and dark) and just swirl it so when you dip the strawberries in it will give it a marbled effect.


To make tuxedos dip the front of the strawberry in white chocolate and the two sides in dark so it forms a triangle on the front then pipe 3 dots and a bow tie (the easiest way to do this is to pipe a side ways number 8 )

Good Luck and Enjoy if you have any questions be sure to ask!

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