Mother’s Day 2009 at Kerstin’s Chocolates

Mother’s Day is this Sunday so don’t forget to stop by the Cocoa Room to get your Mom what she loves most:  Chocolate!   We have chocolate to please all Moms and their various

1.  For Practical Moms

Chocolate Bouquet.
What could be better than a
bouquet of chocolate?

Our bouquet barks are the perfect gift for Moms who hate to see anything go to waste!  Our collection of large pieces of bark looks like a flower bouquet, but it’s extremely edible. How practical!  Here are the 3 delectable flavors included in each bouquet ($21.95):

  • Vanilla Tutti Frutti – white chocolate with diced mixed fruit flavored with pure vanilla beans.
  • Praline Crunch – pure Venezuelan milk chocolate with caramalized nut pieces.
  • Spicy Rose – dark Venezuelan chocolate perfumed with rose and sprinkled with strawberry pieces and pink peppercorns.

2.  For Indulgent Moms

For Moms who like to treat themselves, we are offering 5 creamy and decadent truffles in a very pretty box tied with a bow ($12.00).
 This set includes:

  • 1 Champagne Truffle – dark ganache with essence of champagne.
  • 1 Lavender Truffle – dark ganache infused with lavender flours and enrobed in our 65% dark Venezuelan chocolate.
  • 1 Kirsch Truffle – dark cherry ganache with kirsch and brandied cherries.
  • 1 Honey Crunch Truffle – milk chocolate
    ganache flavored with wild flower honey and topped with sponge toffee crunch
  • 1 Cassis Truffle – black currant ganache enrobed in creamy white chocolate from Switzerland.

3.  For Health-Conscious Moms
For Moms who like to moderate their indulgences, we’ve packaged our delicious dipped fruit in a beautiful looking box. Each box contains 5 plump dried pears and 5 apricots from California which we dip in pure Venezuelan Chocolate ($18.50).

Finally, you could opt for one of our Chocolate Lover’s Gift Boxes in either Milk, Dark or Dark and Milk, which includes some of our fine handmade chocolate as well as a selection of world-class chocolate from great chocolate makers from around the world ($50, $75 or $100).

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