More chocolate bouquets … Tell us what you love.

The Mother’s Day special bouquets were a great hit. We decided to continue making them available for the next few months. We have our list of potential flavors, but we want to know what flavors of chocolate bark you like. Please tell us your favorites by leaving comments! Who knows? Perhaps one of your flavors will be the next one we make!

3 thoughts on “More chocolate bouquets … Tell us what you love.

  1. Cyrus handed out many samples at Nutter’s Red Deer’s Power Tuesday, the first Tuesday in May. Lots of great comments from customers and staff. We had record sales that day.

  2. Actually its funny you mention the lavender bar I have been wanting to do that one since I started at Kerstin’s Chocolates and am currently working on the recipe now so it should be out soon in some form!

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