Health By Chocolate by Victoria Laine

I am getting into this book lately, as part of my resolve to eat wholesome, real foods without a lot of additives, preservatives and alien sounding ingredients. I mean, let’s face it: I love chocolate and I refuse to ever cut it out of my diet, so I might as well work with it, enjoy it and not feel guilty.

That said, I already eat a lot of chocolate, (that’s just what happens when your sister owns a chocolate shop) and I am always happy to try some new chocolate related recipes. This book lets me experiment with some guilt-free and nutritious recipes that feature chocolate. A nice combo, right?

Now, these recipes aren’t low fat, let’s just get that straight. They are full of nut butters and almond flour, chocolate and sesame seeds. But they are real, wholesome ingredients with healthy fats and lots of non animal protein and natural sweeteners, which makes them very satisfying. I recently made pudding from tofu, cocoa powder and dates. Sounds kind of gross, right? But it was sooo good. Very creamy and chocolatey, it tasted decadent, but was simple and healthy. I also recommend the ‘eatmore’ bars. Puts the candy bar version to shame!

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