The Chocolate Habit

One thing (of many) that I find endlessly fascinating day in, day out at the shop is the relationship that our customers have with chocolate.

First, there is the frequency of the purchases. Some stop by once a week, like clockwork. Others come in a little less, but still regularly. Others still stop by only for special occasions.

Then, of course, there are the purchases themselves. There are those who stick to their old standby and others who are always determined to try something new. We’re quite liberal with the samples, trying as best we can to find the just the right bar or confection, so most people end up leaving with a little of both – something tried and true, and something a little different.

Lastly, there is the quantity – some buy just enough to last them until their next visit, deeming any excess too dangerous to peacefully co-exist with. Others need the reassurance that there is always some chocolate to be had, and stock up to save themselves from any potential panic attacks in the future.

I fall somewhere between the two, preferring only to keep a small stash on hand for ’emergencies’ (which may seem sensible, but be warned – the presence of ’emergency’ chocolate tends to increase the amount of ’emergencies’ you have).

So what are your chocolate-buying and -eating habits? What is too much (is there such a thing?) or too little? And do you crave the same things again and again, or do you want to try everything you can?

1 thought on “The Chocolate Habit

  1. I have to admit I stay mostly with ‘old standbys’ – those being plain dark chocolate. I currently have an unopened Chocophilia Venezuela bar & a package of the Claudio Corallo 100%(I had the Chocophilia Ecuador last night). But my little stash also includes a Chocophilia Hot Chocolate & one of the Zotter Walnut & Cognac bars. And recently I’ve bought a few Chocophilia bars at the Transcend location in my community. I also confess I sometimes buy a bar or 2 at the Italian Centre(currently a Bjornsted 70% with orange ).

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