New display case now houses truffles, bark and other treats.

Our new display case.

Our new display case.

We recently added a new bit of furniture to our store: a glass display case. It was custom made to hold our fresh confections as we increase production. It will contain all of our fresh truffles, as well as other fresh confections such as our peanut butter cups, coconut cups, dulche de leche cups and others. It will also contain chocolate dipped dried fruit, chocolate dipped candied ginger, and many flavors of chocolate bark. All of these products are sold by the gram, so after you chose which ones you would like, we will weigh them and then calculate the price.

To find out what types of truffles, fruit and bark are available, please call the store at 780-990-0011. We also hope to have this info available on this blog soon. Also, let us know what kinds of fresh chocolates you would like to see in our shop, and we will add them to our to-do list!

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