‘For Easter Bunnies’

Well, it’s that time of year again. I know there’s snow on the ground, but I suggest we all go on like it’s spring. A little chocolate doesn’t hurt the cause…

First of all, we’ve had a shipment of Zotter recently. These Easter bars are quite something, and I can’t resist the art work and title that inspired the name of this post:

Raspberry and Coconut

Advocaat and Chili

And not really Easter-y, but check out this ‘Peanuts and Ketchup’ bar. Perfect to pair with their ‘Bacon Bits’ bar.

As per usual, the shop is full of chocolate eggs in all shapes, sizes and flavours. New this year are Peanut Butter and Jelly eggs and Caramel filled eggs in either milk or dark versions. Rebecca has also hand decorated hollow eggs and filled them with a ‘surprise’ for the lucky recipient. And finally, large eggs made from our Fleur de Sel and Lemon Dream Chocophilia bars are also on the shelf and there are bunnies and other animals hanging around the shop as well.

Fleur de Sel

Rebecca has created some beautiful spring truffle flavours this year, including Grand Marnier with candied violets, Honey-Rosemary and Saskatoon Berry with toasted walnut. We’ll have some beautifully wrapped for your ‘Easter Bunnies’ next weekend.

Grand Marnier and Violet


Happy Easter!

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